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  • Member: princess_ookumae
  • Studio: Baka no Tenshi
  • Title: Rules of Ouran
  • Premiered: 2007-05-03
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    • Arashi Wish (Instrumental)
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  • Comments: This short AMV was made for my English Final Project. In this project we were supposed to synthesis an idea using three literary works over from one to all three of the time periods we covered Classics, Middle Ages and/or The Renaissance. The idea I synthesized was love in this example I discuss the rules of Courtly Love through the work of The Rules of Love. I used Ouran High School Host Club because I believe that it is really easy to see the rules being used and broken in this series.

    Q: Why so many Tamaki clips?
    A: Tamaki is the princely type and puts women up on pedestals like one should in courtly love....he just does it more than is needed.....and I like Tamaki....but usually with either Kyouya or Haruhi.

    I rule this to be the first official release from Baka no Tenshi since this is the first video I can share of the year.

    Enjoy the vid, now in MP4 fun~!

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