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  • Member: SSJVegita0609
  • Studio: Blood Sugar Productions
  • Title: Everything is Gray
  • Premiered: 2003-02-06
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    • Seether Fine Again
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    Well, I've been thinking about making this video for a really long time now. Wolfwood is by far one of my favorite characters in all of anime, and his story (especially the ending of it) was extremely moving and deep. Ive never been more upset in a death scene. As soon as I saw the end of episode 23 (Paradise) I said to myself, "I'm gonna make a vid about this". That was about five months ago, and I finally got around to it 4 weeks ago. I've put more effort into this than any other video I've made, probably a good 60-70 hours total not including the ripping and such.

    On to the vid. It's basically a microcosm of his life, and his experiances with Vash, Milly, and Meryl. I start off with his intro and procede to show his many faces. He's very similar to Vash in this sense. His character appears so different on the outside then his true nature. I move on to his early fight scenes, and show the astonishment of the others at his violent nature. The climax of the vid is the chapel fight scene, where he's basically destroying his old self (Chapel) in order to create a new self with Vash's philosophy of peace. However, in doing so he must atone for his sins, which are far too heavy, and he dies a tragic death.

    This is NOT a happy video, as Wolfwood's life is NOT a happy one. None the less I hope you enjoy it. Opinions are always appreciated.


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