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  • Member: Ayushima
  • Studio: FireFreak Productions
  • Title: Lord of the Sennen Ringu - The Fellowship of the Sennen Ringu
  • Premiered: 2007-04-28
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    • Lord of the Rings Theatrical Trailers Fellowship of the Ring Theatrical Trailer
    • The Lord of the Rings Teaser Trailers The Fellowship of the Ring Teaser Trailer
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  • Comments: Kawaiikon 2007 VAT contest - 1st Place winner

    Yeah, I can't believe it either. It was actually the entire series that won, not just fellowship. Kawaiikon wasn't on the site's list of contests though. Still, a Yugioh AMV winning a contest. Now that's something rare.

    Yes, I know it took forever, I'm sorry. I was actually finished with it last year, but I wanted to see how it did in a contest first and I didn't want anyone to see it yet. Wow, didn't expect that though.

    Ok, just so everyone knows if you haven't seen the other two in the series yet, if you're watching these vids and purposely looking for one Yugioh character to equal LOTR character, you might sometimes get confused. Yes most characters do have exact counterparts but not always. Lines were given based on situation rather than exact character. For example in Two Towers, at the end there's a line that in the real trailer is spoken by Arwen, but it was such a Galadriel sounding line and there were no good shots of shizuka so I gave the line to Ishizu (I like Ishizu better anyway, Shizuka is such a useless character) The one speaking character who definitely doesn't have a direct LOTR character counterpart is Yugi. Yugi mostly speaks whenever one of the hobbits speak but it doesn't necessarily matter which one is saying the line. If you just watch the trailers objectively, it does make sense. Wow, I feel like a horrible creator just becuse I have to explain that.

    Another point, if you notice a difference between the audio of these trailers and the original theatricals, you're right, I blended together theatrical and teaser trailers to make a whole new trailer. I think it made it so much cooler don't you?

    Please enjoy!! Sorry again for being late.

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