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  • Member: Aerialesque
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Azure
  • Premiered: 2007-04-28
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    • Tyler Beautiful
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  • Comments: --Awards--
    Anime Central 2007: Best romance

    The idea for this video came about a couple weeks ago, when I was debating whether I should make something for ACen, and I decided that I would see if I could put this together in time. I'd had this Tyler song that Bauzi gave me for a little while now, and I thought it would fit perfectly with Air. Everything worked out rather well, and I managed to have the video mostly finished in time to send it in, and then I had time to do some touch ups afterwards. Probably the most unique part about my experience editing this video was that the majority of it was done while on skype...which actually worked out better than you would expect. (maybe I just had an awesome skype partner :O) As for the technical aspects, the editing is relatively simple, and the effects are very subtle. I ended up having to mask out a character from a scene or two, and do a bit of rotoscoping in one scene, but nothing very fancy. This video doesn't really go outside the box of the kind of stuff I've been making recently, but I had fun putting it together. :)

    As for as the storyline goes, there are some major spoilers for Air in this video, so watch at your own risk. In a nutshell, this video depicts the romantic relationships between two pairs of characters, Kanna x Ryuya, and Misuzu x Yukito, and the fates of these said characters.

    --Technical Notes--
    Programs used: Sony Vegas 6.0, Adobe Photoshop, Avisynth, VirtualDubMod, Zarx264gui

    The mp4 and xvid encode ended up looking about the same with this video, but I still recommend the mp4 if your computer can handle it, because the filesize is much smaller than the xvid version.

    --Special Thanks--
    A big thanks goes out to:
    - Reigna...for being my main beta tester, and for pretty much being there every step of the way.
    - Koopiskeva, AtomX, CrackTheSky, kisanzi, valion, Kristyrat, SenshiMamoru, jade_eyed_angel, *inverse*, and Niwa-Kun...for beta testing the almost-final version of the video, and helping me fix some stuff (or for at least just watching the video ;p)
    - Bauzi...for recommending the song to me, and providing me with the cd rip.
    - *inverse*...for spending the time to send me the dvd footage for the movie. ^^

    Thanks guys!

    --"Beautiful" - Tyler--
    these golden tunes are played really often
    in golden junes and also in winters
    Do you feel this mood? not in light, not in darkness
    did you feel that good anytime before today?
    I don't want it go away

    'cause you're not wide awake
    you're beautiful, you're beautiful
    but you're not meant to stay
    you're beautiful today

    the breaking dawn
    you wanna go home now
    the naked sun
    it's not really warm now
    I don't want you to go away

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    you can build up what you want
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    I hope you enjoy the video! Feedback is always loved. ♥

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