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  • Member: s0matic
  • Studio: insubstance
  • Title: A Promise in the Clouds
  • Premiered: 2007-04-25
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  • Song:
    • Porcupine Tree Trains
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  • Comments: This is my first attempt at making an AMV.

    Making this video, overall, was a learning experience. In addition, I feel that the time I spent editing this video is rather long in comparison to the level of output. No drastic special effects were used. However, I am quite satisfied with the the final video, and I feel that I've achieved what I set out for in editing this video. That is, creating a simple, but effective drama video that blends story and music together.

    There is a central motif to the song that I wanted to exploit. It's the acoustic guitar riff that is present at the beginning of the song, as well as in the form of an electric guitar version at various other parts, including the end. I basically used this motif to guide my editing in the event that there was no set "guideline" to edit upon.

    I originally envisioned this video to be a retelling of the movie within a 5-6 minute time frame, but it ended up being a little more than that. The first half of the video focuses on Hiroki and Sayuri specifically. The instrumental acts sort of like a "backstory" type sequence that leads the viewer to the final half of the video, which is a really really condensed version of the climax in the film.

    Note on the video file for download:
    The Direct video link is encoded in H.264 for the video, and AAC for the audio, wrapped together in a MP4 container. In order to play back the file you will either need:
    - CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) is recommended if you are using Microsoft Windows.
    - VLC Player, if you are using Windows, or any other operating system.

    Contest Participation:
    Fanime Con 2008, Fanime Music Video Contest 2008 - Judges Choice: Drama

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