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  • Member: $hiNa
  • Title: Final Fantasy mix (5 songs) for Ogame
  • Premiered: 2006-04-19
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    • Trailers 5 trailers songs
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  • Comments: A project I made for a friend. I'm glad of this one even if this is a promotion amv....
    Ogame is a online game a friend used to play so I made the promotion of his team as he asked me to.
    The 5 songs are:
    + Era - Sombre Day
    + The Chronicles of Narnia - Main theme
    + Prates of the Caribbean - Skulls and Crossbones
    + Enigma - By the moon
    + Move - Dogfight
    The mix was quite fun to do ^_^ The text is in french. Here's the translation:

    "Sow (the name of the team I support) three letters, who would have imagined that they could make our souls quiver and our hearts palpitate... So is our story.
    The story of people ready for all to protect what is precious to their eyes. Friends disappearing, useless struggles, and the wish of justice calling in our hearts... Ready to fight for revenge, cleanning their honnor, rising on, and then shines the heat of our struggle, stay the trace of our fights...
    Together until we die, determined until we fail... To make our dreams live on, our only aim :never capitulate!"

    weeeh -_-"" it sucks... quite the text as my translation.

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