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  • Member: Acidrainfall
  • Title: Bleach - Fields of Innocence - Evanescence
  • Premiered: 2007-04-24
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    • Evanescence - Field of Innocence Field of Innocence
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  • Comments: About two years ago I uploaded a video here and it was not welcomed at all.
    At that point in time, i looked at the comments, noticed how much of assholes people here were, and gave up.
    After two years, and taking an honest look at that video, and not excusing the absolute rudeness with which it was greeted, it was an awful video.
    I made a new one =) yep!
    I took a random song and a random selection of 5 Bleach episodes from my hard drive and made a video
    I may - MAY - have overdone the effects a little, but I wanted a clear distinction between reality and flashback, since that's what the song is about.
    Also I want feedback as far as the bit in the end-middle where the music fades some and the actual action comes out. Is that unnecessary? I thought it added a lot.
    All in all,

    Bleach İBandai Entertainment
    Fields of Innocence İEvanescence

    Hard work İTrue Light Design 2007 (

    Comments appreciated - Criticism honored - Assholes booted

    For your reference this is episodes 1, and 56-59

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