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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Shards of Faith
  • Premiered: 2007-04-24
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  • Song:
    • Switchfoot Meant to live
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  • Comments: AnimeNEXT 07 - Best Action
    Anime Mid-Atlantic 07 - Judge's Best Action Runner-Up O:

    Omg a new Rina video!

    So I started this thing originally like.. last year.. as part of the Trinity Mep ... so yea, this is another mep continuation.. ^^; I gotta stop doing those.. lol
    But anyway, so I was looking for something to send to Otafest and I found this... tiny... wmv beta... and I was like... "oooh, I kinda wanna finish that.... O:" So then I didn't have the original files I made this with, or a huffy.. so basically I just stuck my beta into vegas and edited the rest from vobs... ^_^ so I apologize for any quality issues.. yea.. sorry.. avisynth did what it could.. yea... ^^;

    I like it though, so hope some of you do... ^_^

    Thank you so much beta peoples... I really don't remember who all of you are... (I'm being completely honest here lol) I'm sorry... So thanks to... Marky, Deshi, Scoob, Katie, Josh, Batto, Jub, Kewp, Jenna, Jen, Viper, Dani, Gina, Paul, Nancy, Sempai, Yue, Shino, Judge, Buma, Chii, Shell, Addy, Sierra and Moon for the original Trinity betas.. and um.... omg I have like no idea? ^^; sorry lol... ahhhh... PEOPLE! yeah! thank you... PEOPLE! =]

    So yea, enjoy.. I hope.. once again, sorry for any quality problems... any at all.. yea... I fixed whatever I could... O:

    The mp4 is local and the avi is direct... from the AuN Server... Mp4 is better... and smaller... but yeah, choose whichever O:
    both are 640x480
    with mp3 audio ^_^

    To view the sexy mp4... choose one ^_^
    1) VLC player
    or 2) CCCP (much better choice!)

    So... enjoy? =]

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