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  • Member: tuyamino
  • Title: Samurai Champloo Mix
  • Premiered: 2007-04-24
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  • Songs:
    • Aqua Aquarius
    • augustana Boston
    • Christina Aguilera Hurt
    • Five For Fighting 100 years
    • James Blunt Goodbye my Lover
    • James Blunt No Bravery
    • Nu Pagadi Dying Words
    • Rufus Wainright Hallelujah
    • Sigur Rós Saeglopur
    • TATU 30 minutes
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    Made with WMM.
    Hmmm...that's about it. ^^

    Video Background
    For some reason, while experimenting with video editing, I enjoy working with the lyric-less intros to songs. Instead of using this part of the song as the building block for the rest of the song, I try to edit those small clips to stand alone. This AMV is a combination of ten song intros, each with clips from a different scene from Samurai Champloo.

    While, each music clip does not stand alone in this AMV (they weren't made to), there is no connection between each video clip from a theme or mood point-of-view. What I mean by this is that the music clips depend on each other for flow (they fade into and out of each other) but the video clips that are matched with each intro have no connection to each other. There is no story moved from song to song. I'm not trying to tell the story of Samurai Champloo with these ten clips. They are not ordered the way they are for any reason.

    The video clips were not matched to their music clips for an particular reason. It was random. I picked ten clips, strung them together, and then randomly selected scenes to use for my video. ^^

    Oh, you'll most likely recognize all the songs you hear. Please, please, please remember that these clips are not meant to match the song lyrics!! Forget these intros ever had lyrics after them. Take in all the meaning you see through the video, not from the lyrics you start singing while watching the video.

    Does everyone understand? Music intros are not related in any way. No special meaning/connection. Video clips are not related to each other. No story, no continuation, no anything. Just think of it as ten mini AMVs all strung together, with no lyrics. Ok?

    There's honestly no point to my AMV. I just had fun making it, and I think it turned out great! :) I wish I had better quality video clips, but the ability to gain some costs money...which I don't have...because I'm a poor college student... ^_^

    One last thing: If you download this video, and decide to give me a a low rating, could you please explain why? It's not that I think I deserve a high rating!! It's just that I'd like to know what I need to improve upon (aside from video clip quality). Even if it's just a quick comment, that's fine! You could put "This part was off, and this part looked messy." or "Your music didn't flow very well." (THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES...I hope they aren't true!! lol)

    Please leave opinions too if you want! :) If you leave me an opinion, I will download videos you've made, and leave you opinion(s) too! :D Even if you give me a bad opinion, I will still leave a very objective one for your video(s).

    (oh and don't forget to check out my other AMV called "Counting Uchihas")

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