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  • Members (6): Osakaisthebomb, AthenAltena, Krisqo, Niwa, Sierra Lorna, sora764
  • Studio: Road-Of-Few-Productions
  • Title: Seven 7 Seven (a Christian multi-editor project)
  • Premiered: 2007-04-22
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Earthsuit One Time
    • Hawk Nelson Fourteen
    • Jars of Clay Waiting for the World to Fall
    • Kutless Take Me In
    • Lifehouse Everything
    • Lifehouse Hanging by a Moment
    • Skillet Last Night
    • Switchfoot Only Hope
    • Switchfoot Shadow Proves the Sunshine
    • The Almost Amazing Because It Is
    • Thousand Foot Krutch Hurt
  • Anime:

    The concept of Seven 7 Seven was to use only Christian artist and the goal was to get Christian editors to share their faith more.

    Well here it is. The Seven 7 Seven project. It's been at least a year since the idea was first born. It had a rough start because I (Osakaisthebomb) was unsure of myself. What made that change was when I actually said that in the forum for the project. Instead of kind words of encouragement, I recieved somewhat mean messages like "well, why are you even trying?". I can say this was a time of fustration in the process of this project. However, this fueled my motivation to do this project.

    At first, Sora764 was going to take more of a part in this project. He was going to help create the intro and credits. Sadly that never happened.

    The track list is in the video but I'll put it here as well in case of some confusion.

    Co-ordinated: Osakaisthebomb and in part by Sora764

    Anime- Beck, Azumanga Diaoh, Kingdom Hearts, Ah! My Goddess, Nartuo, and others
    Song- One Time
    Artist- Earthsuit
    Editor- Osakaisthebomb

    TRACK 1
    Anime- Animatrix (Kids Story, Beyond, World Record, Marticulated)
    Song- Take Me In
    Artist- Kutless
    Editor- Osakaisthebomb

    TRACK 2
    Anime- Lunar Legends Tsukihime
    Song- Last Night
    Artist- Skillet
    Editor- Niwa-Kun

    TRACK 3
    Anime- Air (TV and Movie)
    Song- Waiting for the World to Fall
    Artist- Jars Of Clay
    Editor- Siera Lorna and Silver_moon

    TRACK 4
    Anime- Pilot Candidate
    Song- Hurt
    Artist- Thousand Foot Krutch
    Editor- Osakaisthebomb

    TRACK 5
    Anime- Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
    Song- Everything
    Artist- Lifehouse
    Editor- Sora764

    TRACK 6
    Anime- Spirited Away
    Song- Shadow Proves the Sunshine
    Artist- Switchfoot
    Editor- Osakaisthebomb

    TRACK 7
    Anime- Elfen Lied
    Song- Hanging by a Moment
    Artist- Lifehouse
    Editor- Krisqo

    TRACK 8
    Anime- Fooly Cooly
    Song- Fourteen
    Artist- Hawk Nelson
    Editor- Osakaisthebomb

    TRACK 9
    Anime- Air (tv)
    Song- Only Hope
    Artist- Switchfoot

    Song- Amazing Because It Is
    Artist- The Almost
    Editor- Osakaisthebomb

    Hope you enjoy it.

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