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  • Member: jasper-isis
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: Frost and Flames
  • Premiered: 2007-04-23
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    • Imogen Heap Headlock
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    This project began with the concept of dramatic dance. I wanted to make a video with energetic dancing that wasn't necessarily upbeat or lighthearted. When I discovered Imogen Heap's "Headlock," I knew that it was the perfect musical fit. But how was I to acknowledge that breathless, conflicted mood expressed by her lyrics?

    Around this time, ADV decided to release the second season of Kaleido Star on DVD, and I rediscovered the character who would fit both halves of my concept to a tee. Layla Hamilton is probably the most complex character in the cast of Kaleido Star. And whaddaya know, she takes up dancing in season two. Perfect!

    Frost and Flames is a metaphor for both Layla's outward personality and internal struggles. Layla's cool demeanor off the stage is contrasted by the passion in her performances. Inside, she tries to let go of the self-restraint imposed upon her mother's death and find inspiration in rough, unbridled emotions. With the help of a certain purple-haired girl, her performance is reborn. (Hey, the OAV isn't called "Legend of Phoenix" for nothing!)


    Major thanks to Oto and Bakadeshi for beta-testing and to Orwell for sharing his thoughts. Props to krzT for providing the audio. Also, this video would not be possible if ADV had not released season two even in the face of seemingly lagging DVD sales. Many thanks to the industry for believing in Kaleido fans. :)

    This video placed second in the Dramatic/Serious categories at Otakon and Animethon. Thank you to everybody who voted for it!

    To play x264 encoded video streams, I recommend that you download and install the Combined Community Codec Pack. Be sure to follow the instructions on their wiki! If the idea of a codec pack makes you feel queasy (which is certainly reasonable), you can play the file using VLC Media Player. Both of these methods have good reputations and are highly recommended.

    Please enjoy! Feedback, as always, is very welcome. :)


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