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  • Member: BasharOfTheAges
  • Title: 限界点(すべたは私の卍解を知らない) - Genkaiten (subeta wa watashi no bankai wo shiranai)
  • Premiered: 2007-04-20
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    • Orange Range Kirikirimai
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  • Comments: Back story:
    I came up with the idea for this video early in 2006. My grand theory was an effects clusterfuck that would push the bar and amaze people with innovative techniques that I certainly had never seen before. Ideas have a way of becoming too grandiose though - and editors too distracted by the World of Warcraft don't spend that much time editing. I picked up the R2 copies of discs 5-15 when I went to Japan in June of 2006 and spent the better part of august clipping cleaning and image dumping. Over the next several months I mulled about in limbo - my system (a Dell Inspiron 1100 notebook) was simply not up to the task of working with my grand ideas. I built a new system in January to finally get this project going [core2duo Conroe, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, GEforce 7950GT... it's pretty sweet if I do say so myself] and I produced the thing from January to March of 2007. The biggest obstacle I had was the mosaic section. Each frame was 17212 x 11475 pixels - and After Effects likes to render everything. I managed to get by with only 2GB of RAM by working at 1/8 quality and performing voodoo chants twice a day. Once I summoned a grue. That was not a good day.

    As these numbers are pretty damn impressive, I wanted to share.
    Total # OF clips = 736
    Size of Clips on Disc = 61.3GB
    Total # of ripped images = 81,686
    Time spent on preprocessing and editing = 320 hours

    VirtualDubMod - clipping and image dumping
    Premiere Pro 1.5 - NLE
    After Effects 7.0 - primarily created whole segments that seemed easier to do with AE.
    AndreaMosaic - generated the dozens of photo mosaics used in a surprisingly short time.

    Screenings and contests:

    Best Acton - Anime Boston 2007
    Best Action / E-board choice - Toracon 2007
    Finalist - ACEN 2007
    Expert Exhibition - A-Kon 2007
    Audience Best Action -Anime Mid-Atlantic 2007


    Never really got around to getting them =/

    Closing thoughts:

    I'd really like to thank all the people that helped me out with various aspects of this. My betas (Dokool, Kiarrens, (others I carelessly missed because I wrote this at the last minute), Zero1 - who provided a tremendous amount of help with h264 encoding., and Zarxrax - who helped me multiple times on various AE related issues for several hours each session), My roommates Dan, Mike and Philippe who constantly watched my progress and lent me their eyes and ears as sync testers and put up with my constant canceling of games and inattentiveness in WoW related matters for almost two straight months, and the dark gods with whom I made my pact - rest assured, the souls you requested are in the mail.

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