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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: Wingless
  • Premiered: 2007-04-21
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    • HIM Wings of a Butterfly
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    Notice on Playability: if you want to play local mp4 get ether VLC Player which is a very handy tool, and is highly useful or the K-lite Mega codec Pack which I prefer this over the CCCP. If not download the Xivd version

    Ok, The title was going to be "Wingless: One without wings" but I ended up shorting it to just Wingless b/c it sounds more catchy, though I have a bad feeling it's been used already...Oh well.

    Anyway I'v been wanting to make an Loveless AMV for along time now(Loveless by the way if you don't already know is a Shounen-ai anime, if you don't like than don't watch however if you do watch it please don't be mean b/c of the BL) however I couldn't really think of any song to use. Than I heard Wings of a Butterfly and even though I have a feeling it was done before I wanted to make it anyway. This is my 1st vid of 07, and Im very happy how it came out, it's also my 1st vid to be in a Mp4 format which looks so cool^_^. This vid is also a little darker than most of my vids have been, I wanted to try something different with my videos.

    I don't really know what I want to say about this vid, It shows more of the...moments that left an impact on Ritsuka & it dosen't fully center on the relationship between him & Soubi however that is a major part of what's been going on in Ritsuka's life. Agian I'm not sure how to fully explain it. You'll just have to watch it^_^

    Also my editing style with the video is mostly lriyc-sync, please keep that in mind when you watch this.

    Anyway as always opinons and comments are walcome, & I hope you enjoy the vid. I'll have the Xivd direct link up soon, also plzs don't put on youtube. Ja.

    I want to thank Slackergirl, JaddziaDax & my friend Wes for betatesting this
    I also want to thank Buna Dude for showing me how to encodec it to an MP4 aswell as betatester.

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