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  • Member: Kisanzi
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Expendable Innocence
  • Premiered: 2007-04-19
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    • Zeromancer Lamp Halo
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  • Comments: Here's my 1st vid of 2007 and let me say it was alot harder to finish than I had expected. I had this concept in my head since the beginning of 2006 but waited to try it as I worked all the action vids out of my system and was ready to return to make drama. After learning and advancing with my editing so much over the past year, many of the ideas I had for this video really taxed my patience. Alot of the effects I couldn't get exactly how I wanted or didn't look right so I constantly had to keep retooling many sequences. But finally, after alot of effort and stress, I got the vid the way I wanted it.

    The main theme of this video stems from the despair that the show has. Gunslinger Girl isn't a "breakdown-and-cry" kind of show, but it is constantly sad and depressing to watch. The idea of this vid was to capture the innocence that the girls still had after being given their second chances at life as killers. But even though they were made into inhuman killing machines, they still have pure hearts and seek the approval and affection of their trainers. The vid details the relationship of each of the girls, how the trainer responds to their cries for affection and the tragedy that ensues for most of them.

    My main goal with this video was the look. I wanted it to look more like a thought process that might be flashing through the girls' heads rather than just a dull retelling of the plot. To achieve this I created alot of color/blending/compositing effects to attain the right look. I intended a suttle symbolism with the color scheme of certain scene such as the colored scenes symbolizing the girls' states of innocence and yearning for acceptance, the amber-colored scenes symbolize thier despair and desperation to earn the affection of their trainers, and the black & white/static symbolizes thier implanted inhuman state of mind taking over and pushing them to violence.

    The effects in this vid required alot of masking, rotoscoping and blending. It took a considerable amount of time to figure out the right process to get everything to matte properly. I used a lot of After Effects in this vid to get the look just right as well as become more familiar with the program since I've never used AE on an AMV before this. I gained alot of valuable knowledge about After Effects while making this vid and found it fun creating and tweaking the scenes in the program.

    *Encoding Notes: The local dowmload is the standard xvid version, but if you can play .mp4 then please download the direct version as it has a higher resolution and quality and a smaller filesize.

    Enjoy the vid!

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