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  • Member: cheatch
  • Studio: Cheatch Productions
  • Title: Naruto Gangsta Nation
  • Premiered: 2006-12-16
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  • Song:
    • Westside Connection Gangsta Nation
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  • Comments: -About the AMV-
    Almost all of it is lip sync'd. I thought it be funny to have naruto, sasuke, zabuza, kakashi, and the evil corporate guy(forgot his name lawl) doing a rap song. The song is Gangsta Nation by Westside Connection. Most of the video is from the end of the Zabuza saga. I got the idea about making this from the end of Advent Children Random Humor III,, by CloudxandxTifa, which is one of my favorite funny final fantasy advert children amv makers.

    -About the Making of This AMV-
    This was my 2nd Naruto AMV. I would say took me about 3 days to make this with windows movie maker. I could remember there was so many repeating video clips from the lip syncing that I had to save and render the video that had done and attach it to a new movie maker project, if I didn't the whole thing would crash because lack of memory lol. Remembered losing a whole minute that way which can translate to like couple hours lol. Although with all the difficulties, I think the amv turned out very good and I personally still watch it like everyday lol.

    The youtube verison of this is at, which is where I originally uploaded this amv back in December. Has over 3,000 views and 12 positive comments.

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