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  • Member: dokidoki
  • Studio: Doki Doki Productions
  • Title: Young Forever
  • Premiered: 2002-09-28
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    • Rebecca Young Forever
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  • Comments: This is not a joke.

    I was listening to tracks for DDR 4th Mix to see which one I would pick for the 3rd DDR Project. When I heard this song, I immediately thought that Studio Ghibli films would be an obvious choice for the song. Then I thought for a moment, "oh, better not use Grave of the Fireflies, because that's a *sad* movie!" Then I thought, "hmm... It's a short song. Perhaps there are enough happy scenes for it to work."

    I couldn't wait for the 3rd Project to start. (DDR Project 2 hadn't been completed yet) The next day I went searching for the GotF DVD. I completed the video quickly, and showed it at a local anime club. One friend of mine told me that it "looked like crap". Literally, the first release of the R1 GotF DVD is awful, but it's what I had to work with. Thankfully, he lent me his R2 DVD and I redid the video.

    Anyway, although the video could be interpreted as an attempt at black humour, it wasn't intended that way. I prefer to think of it as remembering the happy times in their short lives.

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