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  • Member: Sephiroth
  • Studio: DMRA(DuoMaxwellReiAyanamiProductions)
  • Title: Die Hard
  • Premiered: 2007-04-15
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    • Guyz Nite Die Hard
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  • Comments: This video was made because of a ton of sucky videos. Seriously, in every amv contest ive seen lately there has been a constant flow of crappy videos using the anime gravitation. Now i think that may have to do with the tastes of fangirls who make gravitation videos which of the ones ive seen consists of pretty much the exact same video over and over again. I know the series is a love story but that's all i ever see out of vids. Its allways the same break up or a i love you song. So i decided to challenge myself with making a good if not awsome gravitation video.

    I waited till i could buy the box set for as cheap as possible, then for the sake of my art i watched the entire thing. Whihc it's an ok series if it had been just the love stuff that every fangirl makes vids of then it would have sucked. There's some decent comedy nothing really special though. It at least tried to make it's charecters more then just I am gay. But still doesn't make them entirely 3 dimentional. Never mind that i laughed at several obvious cultural over sites. I mean Yuki gets sold off as a little bitch for $10 i pretty much couldn't help laughing at that.

    I found the song by Guyz Nite completely at random. It's amazing whats out there, what struck me about die hard. Besides the movie reference aspect was how much of a guys song it really was. Hard core rock and action movies are very much guy thing. Whereas relationship based music and yaoi are very much girl things which is what gravitation is. So i combined the two and i think the polar opposite nature of the song to the anime makes it hilarious.

    THe one element that both anime and song had in common was music. So the theme of this vid is that Suichi see's himself as some action hero 'john MClain' in his life and sings about iit on stage. Instead of the usual i have feeling music that permiates the entire series. This vid literally turns Gravitation into screaming to the world "I am a FUCKING GUY...ANd i'm GAY!" which if some very efeminine guy yelled would look rather ridicules.

    Have fun and i hope you guys enjoy it.

    Another note. Some people have complained about the video quality to me, to this i respond to all those who have complained about my video files being to big. So iv'e pretty much exchanged one set of complaints for the other as far as encoding goes.

    Plus this video has been approved of by the actual musical artist. So that makes two vids which have been blessed by the creators of said music.

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