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  • Member: Ahhh123the8ball
  • Title: Dance Dance [Neon Genesis Evangelion]
  • Premiered: 2007-04-09
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    • Fall Out Boy Dance Dance
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  • Comments: I have been really busy... and I mean really busy so I have not really done any AMV for a lil while. However, I finally completed Dance Dance! This one was a request by several different individuals. It took me a long time to fill out that request! (lol) The video was made today all in about 2-1 hour before one of my tests. I got just a funny feeling to do it. Everything just came to me. After the test I did one more requested, the Over My Head AMV by The Fray. That just instantly came to me as well. I guess I was in the groove! He he

    Alright well this video is basically about Asuka and Shinji, and the events leading up to the synchronize fighting on Episode 10. [One of my favorite episodes]. There is some other stuff thrown in there but it all basically makes sense and has a good flow. At first I really thought this would be a bad idea to have Dance Dance with the series but the Amv produced is pretty good. Well I hope you enjoy...

    PS: I take requests for songs but I keep the right to deny any song that I feel I would be unable to make a good AMV out of. Also if I do take your song don't NAG me to make the Amv. When I feel like making one I do. If you press me to make one then your going to get a crap AMV. Plus I just hate being NAGGED... Thank You and enjoy the video!

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