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  • Member: Ahhh123the8ball
  • Title: Best of You [Neon Genesis Evangelion]
  • Premiered: 2007-02-03
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    • Foo Fighters Best of You
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  • Comments: Yeah you know it is a really good song and I just felt like making an AMV to it. I am not sure how well I did, but I tried to make this one the best I could. I am always trying to raise that bar just one more notch higher from "It Ends Tonight". I think that one will forever be my favorite! Oh well anyone who has a request for a song just msg me. But I retain the right to deny any request to a song that I just don't think I would want my name on. Sorry but some songs are just freaking weird to me! Let this not discourage anyone! I am open to new ideas and angles.

    Songs - Best of You
    Artist - Foo Fighters
    Anime - Neon Genesis Evangelion + The End of Evangelion

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