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  • Member: Chrono777
  • Studio: Apartment 410
  • Title: Bebopera
  • Premiered: 2006-07-01
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  • Song:
    • Alessandro Safina Luna
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  • Comments: This was our first AMV attempt ever.
    Thi conceptualized this video in 2002 and the first version was created in April 2003.
    It was lost in a hard drive failure shortly after its creation, but a low quality rendered preview version was found on Thanh's computer later on.

    Thi showed me the salvaged version in our sophomore year at UCLA when she first introduced me to AMVs and I laughed at it.
    A year later we decided that we wanted to enter an AMV into the Anime Expo AMV contest because it was something we all wanted to do.
    After much deliberation we decided that it was best to go with something we already had an idea for and the remake of Bebopera was born.

    The name materialized while we were talking conversing about our AMV.
    "We need a name for our video"
    "Well it's an opera song. And it's Bebop..."
    "Dude I got it Bebop opera... Bebopera"

    I used the original Bebopera as a reference throughout the creation of the Bebopera remake.
    It took an average of 1 hour of editing for every 10 seconds of the AMV.
    I finished editing the video right before spring quarter finals week of our junior year and sent it off to Thanh for special effects.
    Thanh sent the special effects added version back to me a day before we had to submit the video to Anime Expo.

    We submitted it into the action category and when we saw the semi-finalists for Anime Expo we we very sad to not see our names in the action section.
    After a few seconds Thi said, "Wait a minute, dude look at the drama..." and we saw our names there.
    For some reason Anime Expo thought Bebopera was more of a drama than an action AMV, but we didn't care because, "We made it."

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