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  • Member: Chiikaboom
  • Studio: .:Reversed Studios:.
  • Title: Silhouette
  • Premiered: 2007-04-09
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    • Anberlin Symphony of Blase
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    Nayuki character profile :O

    Come on you guys, Nayuki needs more love.

    Did i mention this was my first attempt in Sony Vegas 6.0?

    Oh lordy you just have to download it now.

    Anyways, Nayuki always seemed to be the character in Kanon who got completely neglected and isolated in Kanon so i decided to make a vid tribute to her. Sadly because she had a lack of good scenes this awesome song had to be butchered cause after the first chorus i had completely run out of Nayuki clips. Poor Nayuki ;__;

    There are obviously Nayuki spoilers in this vid and you'll probably understand whats going on even if you havent seen the series. You've been warned.

    Compressed in sexy mp4 for the quality-nitpicky.

    Are there no shadows where you are?
    I can see everything as day
    Problems that you try to hide away
    Pushing me aside (You're pushing me aside)

    Could the winter calm come twice?
    Because your heart seems so cold tonight
    Thirst for substance somehow isn't right
    It's killing me inside (It's killing you inside)
    Killing me inside

    I don't wanna be where you are
    I don't wanna be here even now
    I don't wanna be by your side
    something isn't right
    something isn't right

    This is our last goodnight
    Say what you will
    Say all that you can
    Words have no meaning
    When I've seen where you've been

    This is our last goodnight
    Say what you will
    Say all that you can
    This is our last goodbye
    This is where love ends

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