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  • Member: digigirl132
  • Title: Free Time
  • Premiered: 2007-03-31
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  • Songs:
    • Buckcherry Crazy Bitch
    • Dj. Doo Do U Love Me
    • Electric Six Gay Bar
    • Nickelback Far Away
    • Butterfly (Upswing Version)
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  • Comments: This has to be my biggest project ever. It took me about 40 hours, thanks to random errors and losing a big chunk of it halfway through. Also, I tried to do lip-synching in some parts of this. It was my first time. That was hell. Fun, but hell.

    Originally I was going to have someone do voices for Orihime and Tatsuki, but that fell though and I ended up doing it in the style that's in the AMV. Actually, I think I like it better than the voices. I think it makes the transactions between sections a lot cleaner.

    Also, I might do a 'part two' at a later time, with some of the other popular pairings in Bleach. I don't know, though. Some of the IchiRuki and IchiHime fans are batshit insane. At least with this AMV I don't have to worry about slash fans killing me in my sleep. XD

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