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  • Member: Spoof Gaara
  • Title: When the Lights go On Again
  • Premiered: 2007-04-04
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    • Vera Lynn When The Lights Go On Again
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  • Comments: This video was a finalist in Anime North's Challenge Cateogry

    I made this video specifically for Anime North's Momiji Challenge 2007, and though I didn't win or even recieve honourable mention I was a finalist which is always excellent. This video is Grave of the Fireflies set to Vera Lynn's bittersweet "When the Lights go On Again." It begins with the hope that Seita and Setsuko share near the beginning of the war, with tragedy striking them but not to the point where they surrender. Eventually their hope dies out however and while the song continues to convey that a war may yet lead to harmony, I directly contradict these lyrics with images from the movie to show how hopeless, and pointless, war is.

    I prepared audio with Audacity and BeSweet GUI
    I prepared footage with DGIndex , Avisynth Scripts and Virtual Dub
    I edited this video using Premiere 6.5 (because I couldn't make Pro work with AVS scripts wa wa waaa)
    I rendered this video thorugh Premiere 6.5 and Virtual Dub


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