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  • Member: lordsteal
  • Studio: Lord Steal Productions
  • Title: Seizure of Power
  • Premiered: 2002-07-10
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  • Song:
    • marylin manson Seizure of Power
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  • Comments: Oh God, this was one of the biggest jumps in my skill level that I had ever jumped before. I take great pride in this video, for the time. I went literally insane when I made this and would not stop. I finished this video on the seat of my pants, I had a lot going because I had seen the Majin Vageta theme so many times and had seen over 1,000 other videos with this same theme that I didn?t know weather I wanted to do it. But, when I finally heard the song ?Seizure of Power? by Merylin Manson, I was instantly hit with the idea that I could make this video look the best out their right now. When I started working on it, their was so many things that I learned on the way that that made this video look better and better each time I looked at it. It took 5 months of editing and experimenting for me to get this just right, but even with the finished video, their were so meant holes that I just shoot myself today for not fixing. One of the major fixes that I wanted to do was to full in the really long black holes that were placed there for lose of clips. I really want to go back and remake this video so much better. I hope you enjoy this video.

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