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  • Member: Ingow
  • Studio: Powerstorm Studios
  • Title: Prisoner of Life
  • Premiered: 2007-03-29
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  • Song:
    • Shade Empire Silver Fix
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  • Comments: General:
    This is mainly a pure action video. I wanted to do this because I wanted to see
    if it was still possible for me to do something other than drama editing. I gotta
    admit that it was hard and that I still hate action sync. I like the outcome though
    since, for my standards, I hit a nice amount of beats here. Of course, since this is
    my first video in a while that required some serious action editing I'm still kinda
    out of shape. But since I loved the song/anime combination I just went through
    with it just to see if I could finish a video that's not as easy to edit as my last
    projects. I'm also kinda trying to promote both the anime and the band here
    so look into them if you enjoyed this video.

    Aside from the action the video mainly portraits the hero of the series. Not much of a
    storyline though, but I think that there are too many character profile scenes in here
    to not put that down into the list of categories.

    Technical Details:

    This video has been encoded in x264.

    You will either need VLC or to view it. If it still doesn't play for you send me a PM on the forums.

    First off, yes I KNOW it's a fukken big file. Sorry for that. I would've never
    thought that this would become my largest mp4 encode. Believe me, I already
    had this down to 20MB and went through a lot of encoding processes to see how
    much compression it could take. Turns out it pretty much can't go far at all.
    The glow effects in the video, as well as the few clean fansub scenes get totally
    screwed up once I compress it just a little bit more than usual. Since those
    damages looked worse than the bad quality scenes of the fansubs I decided
    that it wasn't worth it considering that there are people out there that put out
    120MB mp4 encodes to show off their awesome DVD quality sources.

    Btw the reason for the hardsubbed fansubs used is simply that I wasn't able to
    get my hands on any RAWs or even DVDs. There's nothing on the series
    except for the encodes and a few similar ones. Well, nothing I could find.

    The Song:
    Yeah, I need to mention this seperately. I cut the song. Normally, I'd never
    do that, but I swear this wasn't me being lazy. The last minute of the song is
    a slow melodic fadeout, if it would've been 30secs or something I would've
    ignored the fact that this ending doesn't work very well with the action in the
    other 3minutes of the video. But I just couldn't skip from brutal fighting
    scenes to one minute of lame vampire drama, especially since the series
    doesn't really have all that many good drama scenes (or at least they're
    not relevant to the main character/story). And as for lyric sync, I have
    no idea. See, I bought the album and even in the damn booklet of the CD
    there is only part of the songlyrics printed out (that's where I got the title
    for this video from). On the whole internet I couldn't find the lyrics,
    because Shade Empire is basically as unknown as a band as
    Black Blood Brothers is as an anime.

    So that sucked, on both audio and video I had only very few resources.
    But from the lines that were in the booklet and from what I was able to
    make out by listening I can at least say that it should fit the whole
    vampire character profile thing.

    I think that's all the facts that needed to be said.

    Hope you enjoy!

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