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  • Member: dj_ultima_the_great
  • Title: Discontinued Thoughts
  • Premiered: 2007-03-27
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  • Songs:
    • Final Fantasy VII OST Victory Fanfare
    • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST Tenrai -divinity-
    • Within Temptation Intro
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  • Comments: My thirteenth music video.

    For info about the sources, go to section one!
    For info about the video, go to section two!
    For info about the technical points, go to section three!
    If you donít really give a damn about any of that, download the video!

    Section 1 - Sources
    Devil May Cry 3 - one of my more recent favorites. Great action, inventive cutscenes, amazingly easy-to-learn, but ultimately complex gameplay, HAWT main characters... what more could a fangirl ask for? I was inspired by this game in many ways creatively, so while I was waiting for a replacement for the PS2 that I had accidentally fried, I started working on this, deeming it my "quickie video." Well, I got the PS2 back before I finished the video, so I dropped it. I didn't really care whether or not I completed it, but since I got a passable amount done (the full song, which I picked due to its short length, is only two minutes). I had also considered using "Lilium" from the Elfen Lied OST, just to fuck with people's heads.

    Parasite Eve - I adore this game, not only for the pretty graphics (back in the day), but also because it had a clear, fascinating story rooted in fact that was completed in a matter of days game time. The music was great, the main boss was beautiful and witty. The Parasite Powers were cool, and the path was straightforward. This is one of my favorite games easily. As such, I've always wanted to use it in a video. The song I picked was "Tenrai -divinity-" from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST. I knew from the start that it would be problematic, because the song was too dramatic for the footage I had. However, it was the closest I could find to what I wanted, so I tried to make it work. Obviously, I wasn't able to, because I ended up dropping the video.

    Section 2 - The Video
    DMC3 Video - just did basic mood sync here. You'll see two little color inversion effects, but it's nothing too impressive. My idea for when the female vocal in the music came in was going to be showing scenes of Lady crying, as well as Dante's internal conflict in the game. Basically, I wanted to wrench the very, very few serious/sad moments out of that game and put them into a little two minute package.

    PE Video - this was just supposed to follow the game chronologically, with a sense of action and drama. Effects were fairly few. I used an overlay twice, showing the two different cell reactions to Eve's mitochondria. From the point I was at, I was definitely running out of clips I could use, and I still had a good minute of the song left. So, rather than half-ass it, I just dropped the project, thinking I'd do something like this eventually.

    Discontinued Thoughts - a lovely air of failure, as you'll notice. Even The Price is Right says so. A dead face was the first thing that came to mind, so various l33t faces expressing my opinion of each video were inserted before their respective segment intros. And at the end... well, watch. And suffer my bad sense of humor.

    Section 3 - Technical Points
    DMC3 Video - this was hell to deal with, because I captured it at 320x240 (that was ALL my old capture card could handle). The footage was dark, small, and it just didn't look good. I Avisynth'd the fuck out of it, and the footage still looked like ass. I finally just gave up and accepted that I'd be getting a new capture card eventually. I do, in fact, have that card now, and it's worlds better than that old thing could ever be.

    PE Video - nothing too complex. It's PS1 footage, so it's naturally not the best. However, I ripped it at 320x240, upsized to 640x480, applied deen() and something else, I think, and then I downsized it to 512x384, which was intended to be its release format.

    All videos are now exported in the Lagarith lossless codec, and recompressed with the XviD codec in .avi format. I'll probably take the time to learn h.264 for my next video, but this one didn't seem quite worth it, seeing as how it's just meant to be a showcase of dropped videos.

    Time spent: 15 hours (PE Video), 5 hours (DMC3 Video)
    Sources/Programs Used:
    Parasite Eve
    PSX Multiconverter
    Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (for the convenient cutscene viewer)
    Old, crappy capture card
    Magix Movie Edit Pro 10
    Virtual Dub Mod


    Thanks to the forum folks, who unknowingly helped me decide to drop the Parasite Eve project. They stopped me before I made a video that I wouldn't have been happy with at all. Kind of an odd thing to thank people for, but it's the truth.

    Here's to people actually finishing their videos. *raises a glass for cheers*

    As always, Farewell, Good Luck, and Happy AMV-ing!

    - Jen

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