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  • Member: downwithpants
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  • Title: Send This Smile
  • Premiered: 2003-02-01
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    • Smashing Pumpkins Disarm
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    I had to change the direct link to an indirect link because (four letter word)ing Angelfire changed its policies.

    If you had a problem dling from the direct link before, please try the indirect link

    Tagline: The past may be haunting, but love will redeem.

    This is my second AMV, and I've learned a bit more about AMVs since my first, so im hoping this one came out better. I also spent considerably more time on this one, so if its not better, im gonna cry ;(
    Why don't you decide which one is better(hint hint) and give me your opinion (hint hint hint)? My video came from different sources, so some scenes are higher quality than others, but try to ignore that if u can. There are subs in some of the scenes, I tried to minimize them, but at the same time, I didn't want to choke my AMV by avoiding subbed scenes.

    The Vision of Escaflowne has a beautifully written story with strong imagery and engaging scenes. I thought the acoustic guitar riffs, bell tone percussion, and violin harmonies from The Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm" would complement it well.

    I have to give credit to Quu's Chemicals Between Us (another Escaflowne AMV) for his masterful use of interleaves (fading from one scene to another, and back to the first). I tried to use some interleaves in mine, although theyre not as good. I think Zerophite's The Killer in Me influenced me on how to match up cuts to this particular song.

    If you haven't seen "The Vision of Escaflowne" and don't mind some spoilers, or if you want some clarification on this video, read ahead:

    The first half tells the story of Allen Schezar. The intro sequence depicts Hitomi falling in love with Allen. This is suddenly interrupted by images of Allen's love for Millerna. Next, we see that something is occupying his mind, and Hitomi notices this as well. We cut to what occupies Allen's mind: his sparring with Van, his dangerous life as a knight, his illegitimate son Chid, and his long-lost sister Celena. We fade to Allen's past, when Allen was a thief, until his life was changed by Balgus, Allen's father Leon, Hitomi's grandmother, and Hitomi. Allen drops his thieving and becomes a Caeli knight, though the death of his mother still pains him. His life has led to two major problems, an obligation to fight as a knight, and a love affair with Millerna, who is to be married off to another man. We cut to Allen releasing a petal into the air, symbolizing his urge to break free from his life.

    We transition from the petal to Gaea through a series of scenes in the air. Mostly eye candy here. But the scenes tell about the many forces on Gaea, from the Zaibach to Escaflowne, the Ispanos, the gate of the Mystic Valley, and the Basra bomb.

    The next verse compares the enemies Dilandau and Van. Both suffer when alone, although Dilandau suffers from psychological reasons and Van subconsciously loves Hitomi. We see that Van also suffers from Dilandau's warring nature, the same nature that destroyed Atlantis.

    We fade to Van's past now, with young Van promising his mother, Varie that he will be a strong when he grows older. However, the present Van, though ambitious, has his fears about violence. Varie comforts Van, relieving him of his fears.

    Next, we see the violent and gentle natures of Balgus and Folken, Van's mentor and brother respectively.

    Finally, we see Van and Hitomi's love for each other, and a flashback to the events that led up to their love.

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