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  • Member: qyll
  • Studio: Izzle Kizzle Studios
  • Title: Haruhi a GoGo
  • Premiered: 2007-03-25
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  • Song:
    • The Hinoi Team Ike! Ike!
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  • Comments: Stuff about this AMV:

    -I wanted to make an AMV with lots of effects. But I don't have After Effects ;_;. So I made do with Premiere Pro.
    -I started it 2 months ago, and then gave up because I got tired of rotoscoping. I started again from scratch and used the previous rotoscopes, but keyed the rest of the cutouts out because I now realize that I don't have the patience for rotoscoping.
    -Time spent editing was 10% actual editing, 40% thinking of what to do next, and 50% watching various MADs.
    -I wanted to make a circle of stars :38, but it was near impossible only in Premiere Pro. So I broke out the ol' graphing calculator, and graphed the equation in polar coordinates and calculated every single coordinate for every star (46 of them) for the two keypoints.
    -I have run out of creativity.

    Programs Used: Adobe Premiere Pro 2, Adobe Photoshop, and the other stuff.
    Time Spent: 10 Days

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