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  • Member: MorningBelles
  • Title: Golden Summer Mirage
  • Premiered: 2007-03-21
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    • Tenchi Muyo Aeka and Sasami
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  • Comments: First amv for 2007, which isn't really bad for me considering that I'm graduating this year, and I'll have to take Portfolio Prep next quarter (loads of fun there...*rolls eyes around*)

    Since "Fragment of Memories," I wanted to make a series of UK amvs based on the episode, as well as "Djinn of the Day." In this case, the first episode have the Sun Djinn, as well as the beginning of something.

    Believe it or not, GSM is divided into 3 'segments': the Dream, the Mirror, and the Mirage.

    ~The Dream plays at the beginning up to 35 seconds, during which Ichika finds herself at a beach when a girl (Manatsu) appears above the waves and whispers something.

    ~The Mirror, from 00:35 to 01:23, have Ichika running to school, where she saw Manatsu appear in the mirror, as well as her cell phone (how in the world did it get there?) Then Manatsu appears from the mirror and returns the phone.

    ~The Mirage, from 01:23, have Ichika transforming for the first time and floats to the sky, where she comes face-to-face with the Sun Djinn (the big guy) and overlooks the area, leaving Ichika to wonder if it's a mirage or really true.

    So many choices....and most of them failed. At first, I wanted to use "A Song for Eternal Story" from Phantasy Star Online, but it didn't really inspired me as much to use with UK. The same applies for "Destiny Begins" from Golden Sun. However, while I was rewatching Tenchi Muyo OVA, I came across watching a flashback of Ayeka and a younger Sasami. When I heard the background music playing during that time, I thought "That song would be good for this video." So I ripped and converted the song to an AIFF, then imported it into FCP.

    [Special Effects]
    The video has been desaturated, and some of it had some brightness/contrast applied to it as well, particularly from 00:35 to 00:45 (in that case, I wanted to make it look like it wasn't really in the morning). In addition, I did some masking on Ichika and Manatsu in the Dream from 00:15 to 00:21, but left Manatsu's mouth alone, because I wanted to give people the sense that Manatsu said only one thing in the dream (what she actually said is up to the viewer). Finally, some people may not have noticed it (unless they compared it to the episode), but the entire video has shades of orange as an overlay to have an emphasis on the Sun Djinn, as well as Ichika's costume.

    Many thanks to str8jacket for providing the episode for me.

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