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  • Member: Murf
  • Studio: Nocturnal Studios
  • Title: Horribly Generic Excel Saga AMV
  • Premiered: 2003-01-27
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    • Barenaked Ladies One Week
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  • Comments: THE ORIGIN:
    This video has long dwelt in the back of mind, waiting for the day of it's coming. And lo and behold my friends, that day has finally come. The concept started one Saturday night in Spring of 2002. My anime club was showing Excel Saga, and we had just finished watching Episode 17 [Animation USA], and Puni Puni Poemi. Why we watched PPP in the middle of Excel, I'll never understand. But I digress. I returned to my car and turned the radio on. On my way home I heard One Week by the Barenaked Ladies. As I listened, I thought this would make a great Excel AMV. But than one lyric, above all others sealed it:

    Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon
    'Cause the cartoon has got
    the boom anime babes
    That make me think the wrong thing.

    Once I heard this, I was determined to make the video happen. It's taken about about 8 months for it to happen since I was patiently awaiting the DVDs. And now it's here.

    I wasn't sure how to take the video at first, but I knew I wanted to start out with the trademark Koshi Rikdo authorization. Upon making the subtitles, I refered to the video as being "Horribly Generic" and decided to take it on as such. With lot's of lip sync and lyric matching. But as the video goes on, I decided to diverge from the lyrics and go for all out insanity. So the video follows a certain Excel Saga feel, but starting out fairly normal and turning into sheer chaos.

    Production of this video took about 3 days, since I was unemployed at the time, I had MASSIVE free time to work on it. Anyways, this was my first video to be finished using my new capture technique of going from the DVD player -> TV -> MiniDV Camcorder -> Firewire to Computer. It produces a image far cleaner than my old capture cards... and that makes me happy. I went through and began capturing clips that would match to the lyrics. And of course begun to string them together.

    Now I hit some speed bumps, like what to do in the middle where it's just a calm solo. Then I had a brain storm. I would fill up this with the largest running gag of the show. The segment is a collage of Ilapalazzo dropping Excel through the trap door.

    Other than that, I didn't have any real problems.

    This video is just silly. And by silly I mean completly inane. Watch and enjoy!


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