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  • Member: Chaos Angel
  • Studio: Eclipsing Saturn Studios
  • Title: Mindless Randomosity
  • Premiered: 2003-01-23
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  • Song:
    • Tweaker Years From Now
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  • Comments: Helluva Bad Day began as a test to see how many digital effects I could cram in and still have it look good. I went with effects which I felt fit the feel of the music nicely. However, my simplistic style of video editting eventually poked through the surface, so while it is a nice video, fun to watch, and I like it a lot, as an experiment in digital effects, I'd call it a failure. However, where HBD was a failure, Mindless Randomosity was a success.

    I've had the desire to combine Lain and Tweaker for some time now, since last summer as a matter of fact. The feel of Lain and the feel of Tweaker's music on Attraction to All Things Uncertain just felt like a natural fit to me. So, I chose to use Years from Now for this experimental video.

    The video has no plot and not much point. That's the primary reason it is so short (more on that later). I went into the project with one goal in mind: to use digital effects to create interesting visuals. After making so many videos (ok, ok, so 8 isn't exactly a big number, sue me. ^_^) that use a simplistic style of editting, I wanted something to make something that used the digital effects to create interesting visuals and also prove to myself, once and for all, that I could do it if I wanted to.

    Going into this video, it was my intention to deliberately have no plot or story or to follow the song (why I chose an instrumental song), and to have the focus be entirely upon the visuals. While I think I succeeded in creating some interesting visuals, the video just felt repetitive and what I was envisioning for the rest of the video really struck me as being redundant and wouldn't really hold attention well. So, I chose to cut it where I had worked up to and have just that. In only one minute of video, I had succeeded in my goal of creating interesting visuals with massive amounts of digital effects (Premiere crashed on me every ten minutes or so near the end. It'd start getting laggy and moving slowly, and I knew it was gonna crash soon if I kept going without saving and shutting down and then restarting. I wasn't even using AVSes!! I had to use HuffYuv files because my computer couldn't process 140 AVSs simultaneously. If I had been using AVSes, I think Premier would have exploded!! ^_^), so I decided to stop right there. I was feeling really creatively empty for the rest of the video, and I generally subscribe to the surgeon mentality of "better to remove a limb than to lose the whole body" (meaning that it's better to shorten a song if possible than muck it up filler), so I cut it off at the point where I had already gotten too and left it at that.

    A note on some of the effects used.

    I wanted this video to have two visuaol motifs, one primary and the other secondary. The secondary motif was to be the powerlines that occur throughout Serial Experiments Lain, and the other motif was Lain's eyes. Throughout Lain, there is much focus on the character's eyes, and Lain herself has very bright, clear eyes. I wanted Lain's eyes to be a visual focal point of the video. There is a segment in this video where I used frame-by-frame editting to really bring out Lain's eyes that I am VERY proud of. You'll know it when you see it. I may do a similar effect in later videos, because I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. The multiple transparencies at the end, I used multiply transparencies rather than just opacity changes to keep the eyes clearly visible (didn't work out too well on the second and third sections, but the first one is positively golden) which had the interesting result of giving color tone to the layers beneath it. Track Matte and Multiply transparencies combined can yield interesting results, as a piece in the middle shows.

    If you don't count the time I spent cutting and encoding 140 HuffYuv source clips, this video took me about two weeks to put together, mostly due to the frame-by-frame work. That was an absolute bitch, but it yielded fantastic results.

    I'm glad I made this video, because I've now shown myself that I CAN make a flashy, effects-heavy video when I want to, even though I generally use a more simplistic style.

    Although it's not much, enjoy.

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