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  • Member: Bluestreak2
  • Studio: Bluestreak Productions
  • Title: dotHack GU Oveture
  • Premiered: 2007-03-13
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    • Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack Summer Overture
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  • Comments: Thus my third AMV. This one was started while I was still putting the finishing touches on my second AMV "I Am Higurashi"
    Inspired from randomly showing my Aunt how to add a song to video in the Windows MovieMaker, a piece of software I will NEVER again touch. At the time I was using the japanese commercial for the second .HackGU game, and one of the endings from Honey and Clover. After watching the product of 2 minutes of work I was inspired to make a .hack GU drama AMV.
    After my first AMV I decided that for now I will not be using any song that isn't in english so the Honey and Clover song had to go. After a week of looking for songs I was about to settle for Linkin Park's "Somewhere I Belong" But then after going to the theater to see a movie I don't even remember, I saw a trailer for "Sunshine". The song used just blew my mind and after a good amount of research I finally found out how I could get the full song. The song is a remix of "Summer Oveture" from the movie Requiem for a Dream. This remix is also supposibly used in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, but I'm not 100% on that.
    A link to the Sunshine Trailer if you care:

    Then once I had the song that I wanted to use I started something that I had wished I had done for my first AMV. I actually went and ripped and encoded all the videos straight off my actual PS2 disks. So the quality of the source used for this AMV would easily be one of the best. I also had the Japenese version of the 2nd game so I decided to use some of those scenes as well. Since I was going for drama/awesome I knew I would be spoiling scenes from the first game so I might as well go for the 2nd game as well. I was also/still angry that the 2nd game has been delayed for the US for so long. The 2nd game scenes are more for Awesome then spoilers, infact I made sure that the only scenes I used from the 2nd game could also be found on the trailers for the game. And as for the spoilers from the first game, I mean really if you were going to play it you've had since October. And for all of us hardcore fans we had that game done 100% within that first week anyways.

    As it was being completed and I was showing it to my friends, I asked them what catagory they would place it. They all said action. So I guess I failed at making a Drama AMV, I'll just have to keep working on that. I blame the song, obviously it's awesome is to much.

    It felt great doing an AMV that was purely beat related. Since I was at that point frying myself on the lipsync heavy video that is my 2nd AMV. So this video was a great break from that and I actually really enjoyed making it. In the end there are 2 scenes that I'm not entirely happy about but overal I think its awesome. And a byproduct of learning how to rip the videos off PS2 games, now I'm going back and doing the same to my Xenosaga and MGS games and converting them straight into DVDs so that I can easily share those stories with my friends without having to bring my PS2 with me. ^_^

    I've entered this video into the Anizona 3 comp. I just really hope it makes it to the actual night.

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