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  • Member: Bluestreak2
  • Studio: Bluestreak Productions
  • Title: I Am Higurashi
  • Premiered: 2007-03-13
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    • Crush 40 I am All of Me
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  • Comments: This is my second AMV. And I'm rather happy with it. First an explanation of what it is, then I'll tell the history behind it.

    The anime used is Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, and the song is I Am by Crush 40.
    I have no idea what really to classify the video as, the closest thing I can think of is Horror, just becouse of most of it's content. It does contain some spoilers. I have decided that this is a video that I won't be showing to my family just becouse of the graphic nature of some of the scenes.
    Since Anime Expo didn't accept my first AMV on the grounds that there wasn't enough editing done I decided that my next AMV had to be fancy. And thus before I even had a song or anime choosen, I wanted this video to be heavy on the lipsync, and it is.

    While watching Higurashi, I was tickled with the idea of making a video featuring all of the extreame moments, the moments that you just go "Oh my God, these 14 year old kids are killing eachother with basball bats." "Did that 11 year old girl just repeatadly stab her head with a large knife?!?!?!?"
    I searched for DAYS looking for some song that could work. But it wasn't till much later after I had givin up on the idea that I finally found it. Shadow the Hedghog exposed me to I Am, with the fast beat, the repeated "I, I, I" In the song as well as "My hands will crush them all" I knew I finally found my song.

    I still use Ulead Media Studio 8, I've gotten far better at it since my first AMV. But what amazed me about this one was, as my first AMV with this type of lipsyncing I was learning as I went. And after about a week of work I found that I had to go back and redo most of what I had already done simply becouse by then I had learned how to do it even better. This video also consisted had me taking entire scenes, turning them into pictures and editing the lips for each frame until I was happy. Then taking those series of pictures and turning them back to video. MANY MANY hours of work for just seconds of video. But even there I found myself having to go back to the early ones just becouse I kept getting better at it.

    So after approxitly 14 days of actually working on it. spread over 4 months I finally called it finished. Currently I only plan to send this video to my local convention, Anizona. But depending on how it does there I'll try send it to more.

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