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  • Member: bratr
  • Title: The Best of the Warriors
  • Premiered: 2007-03-13
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  • Songs:
    • George S. Clinton Taste of Things to Come
    • Yoko Kano Ai Sensha Tachikomas
    • Yoko Kano Ciao!
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  • Comments: This is a tribute to the smartest, strongest, greatest, simply the best of all of the warriors ever. Plus they can sing too. Unfortunately, their achievements are often overlooked because of their origin. They only have one official promotion video - and IMHO a very poor one. After seeing it for the first time, I've felt a great urge to do a better job, something they could be proud of.

    I hope I was successful.

    For those of you, who would like to sing along and/or understand, here are the lyrics (by K0NSPIRA):

    Hitori de itemo fukusuukei
    Seibetsu nante nai keredo

    Tachikomanzu wa
    Seigi no mikata
    Tachikomanzu wa
    Heiwa no akashi

    Warai jougo de namida moroi
    Kenka itazura don to koi (Hoy!)

    Inochi wa nai keredo
    Inochi wo sukku suupaa eeai
    Itsuka te ni ireruze
    Akogare no goosuto

    Aa~ minna no kibou sa
    Bannou robotto
    eeai sentai tachikomanzu
    eeai sentai tachikomanzu

    Even when alone, we're in a non-singular state
    though we have no distinction in gender

    The Tachikomanz are
    on the side of righteousness
    The Tachikomanz are
    a testament to peace

    Laughs at the drop of a hat, and easily moved to tears
    Fights or pranks, just bring it on! (Hoy!)

    We have no life
    but are super AI's that save lives
    One deay we'll make it ours
    that ghost that we yearn for

    Ah~ It's everyone's hope
    the all-purpouse robot
    A.I. Tank Squadron - Tachikomanz
    A.I. Tank Squadron - Tachikomanz

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