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  • Member: AceMan
  • Studio: Nano-da Productions
  • Title: Daydreamer
  • Premiered: 2007-03-10
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  • Song:
    • Bliss In front of a daydreamer
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    Hi, I'd like to present you my new Anime Music Video I've made recently :)
    To tell the truth, I wanted to wait a couple of months before I start editing this AMV.
    But there were 3 reasons why I decided to make it now:

    a) Some time ago I started to make my "Big AMV Project", but since it requires a lot of work, I wanted to rest a little by creating this simpler one.
    b) Magnificon V AMV Competition - the deadline was 24.03. I knew I won't manage to create my "Big AMV Project" in time, so I started editing this one. Deadlines always motivate me :)
    c) My friend Szwagier has finished 2 videos recently. It's been pissing me off that I haven't :D

    Okay, that's enough of this petty introduction - let's say something about this vid.

    The song. It always begins with the song :)
    The tune I used has been written by Bliss of the demoscene group Fairlight for "Daydreamer" demo.
    I heard this tune for the first time in the Nectarine radio and I fell in love with it ;)
    Later, I discovered that there is a demo with it. "That's great!" I said and I thought the demo will be as brilliant as the tune.
    But... unfortunatelly, I've got disappointed. The demo has poor synchronization with the music and doesn't fully express the beauty of this song.
    I had to make something that would :)

    So I started thinking about this AMV, planning scenes, imagining effects. After some time had almost all effects crystalized in my mind, but still no anime.
    Then, I watched "Koi Kaze". I've got really touched by its story and I knew I had to make an AMV with it.
    So... two pieces of puzzle combined together, and here is the result :)

    IMPORTANT: This video contains major spoilers. If you want to fully feel the beauty of this anime, watch it in the first place :)

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