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  • Member: ava_star
  • Title: You Won't See Me Coming
  • Premiered: 2007-03-03
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    • Jean-Jacques Burnel You Won't See Me Coming
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    We've all heard people complain about Windows Movie Maker... you can't remove subs (true), it's unreliable (also true), it's impossible to edit anything (NOT true). But after seeing an AMV with NO cuts that blamed the lack of editing on WMM, I began to doubt the hype. I pulled up a couple of promo clips and a song I'd ripped from the closing credits of Gankutsuou and started playing around to see if WMM were really as bad as people said. I worked on it for a while, got about 45 seconds of video put together, then left the clips in a folder and kind of forgot about them.

    Skip forward a year or so to February, 2007, shortly before DaigaCon 1. We look at the forums a day or two before the deadline and realize there are NO AMV CONTEST ENTRIES. Shinteetah suggests we throw something together and enter it just for fun!

    Shinteetah has several old AMVs in her closet, so she has something to enter. I don't. I look at my half-finished Loki montage, shrug, and pull a six-hour editing session the night before the deadline -- screaming and beating on Windows Movie Maker, which crashed promptly every six minutes -- to finish the video.

    It won the contest (out of the nine videos that were entered).

    So, yes, WMM is a lousy program... but maybe it's not as bad as people say. ;-)

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