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  • Members (15): FoxJones, Aneino_Kaijin, ChronoWraith, EvaFan, Ileia, Kalium, OropherZero, OtakuForLife, Sivis, Stolen Soul, Taruto!, Xarathion, bluetrain, h_dk_m, u_queen
  • Title: Nightwish: End of an Era
  • Premiered: 2007-03-09
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  • Songs:
    • Nightwish Angels Fall First
    • Nightwish Bare Grace Misery
    • Nightwish Crownless
    • Nightwish Dark Chest of Wonders
    • Nightwish Dead to the World
    • Nightwish Deep Silent Complete
    • Nightwish Elvenpath
    • Nightwish End of all hope
    • Nightwish Feel for you
    • Nightwish Know why the Nightingale Sings
    • Nightwish Passion and the Opera
    • Nightwish Planet Hell
    • Nightwish Romanticide
    • Nightwish Sacrement of Wilderness
    • Nightwish Sleepwalker
    • Nightwish the Pharaoh Sails to Orion
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  • Comments: In late 2005 band's internal differences caused the vocalist Tarja to leave the band. Before this happened they had released 6 albums (one of them being an EP) and tons of great songs during the almost 10 year long career. In May 2007 Nightwish will announce the new singer and the story goes on..
    This MEP is a flashback to the 5 albums from the beginning in 1996 to the final one in 2004.

    Nightwish: End of an Era MEP is the second Nightwish MEP project. First one was Nightwish: Dark Desires which was led by OtakuForLife and it is available from here on the .org.
    While it's a good MEP, it has it's drawbacks and I thought another Nightwish MEP should be made. Main reason for me was that the first one lacked some great songs from the earlier albums. This fact and stuff that happened inside the band led to this idea of another Nightwish MEP, featuring 3 tracks from each 5 longplays.

    I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.


    Nightwish - Angels fall first (1996)
    Track 01 - Angels Fall First - Kalium
    Track 02 - Elvenpath - OtakuForLife
    Track 03 - Know why the Nightingale Sings - h_dk_m
    Nightwish - Oceanborn (1998)
    Track 04 - the Pharaoh Sails to Orion - Taruto-chan
    Track 05 - Sacrament of Wilderness - Aneino_Kaijin
    Track 06 - Passion and the Opera - Sivis
    Nightwish - Wishmaster (2000)
    Track 07 - Bare Graze Misery - Ileia
    Track 08 - Deep Silent Complete - Eva-Fan
    Track 09 - Crownless - bluetrain
    Nightwish - Century Child (2002)
    Track 10 - End of All Hope - u_queen
    Track 11 - Feel for You - OropherZero
    Track 12 - Dead to the World - Xarathion
    Nightwish - Once (2004)
    Track 13 - Planet Hell - Stolen Soul
    Track 14 - Romanticide - FoxJones
    Track 15 - Dark Chest of Wonders - ChronoWraith


    An angelface smiles to me, under a headline of tragedy
    That smile used to give me warmth, Farewell - no words to say
    Beside the cross on your grave, and those forever burning candles

    ...and the path under my bare feet.. the Elvenpath..

    Hearing music from the deepest forest
    songs as a seduction of sirens, the elf-folk is calling me

    Tapio, Bearking, Ruler of the forest
    Mielikki, Bluecloak, Healer of the ill and sad
    Open the gate and let me follow the uncarven path

    The way to the lands, Where as a hero I stand
    The path where Beauty met the Beast, Elvenpath
    It's the honesty of these worlds, Ruled by magic and mighty swords
    That makes my soul long for the past, Elvenpath

    What does the free fall feel like? Asks the boy with a spark in his eye
    Know why the nightingale sings? Is the answer to everything

    Taking a step to a world unbound, Spinning my fantasies all around
    Freed from the gravital leash, I swear the heaven's in my reach

    Thou shall die...

    Naked in midwinter magic, Lies an angel in the snow
    The frozen figure crossed by tracks of wolves
    An encounter, symbolic, yet truthful, With a hungry choir of woods
    An agreement immemmorial to be born

    Princess of lust, Dignity put to dust
    A virginal sight, Their apple to bite

    Drink from my thighs, The rain of lies
    A sight so cursed: Breasts which never nursed

    An Aphrodite for mortal souls
    Playing hide and seek in lecherous roles
    Their erotic hour, my tearless weep
    Their satisfaction, my infinite sleep

    Sweet boy, come in, I am the dark side of you
    Die for my sins, Like the one once did

    Cinnamon bed, For your unshamed appetite
    A Figurante, This dance will hurt like hell

    Oh, bare grace misery
    Just a child without a fairytale am I
    Dark but so lovely
    A Little Match Girl freezing in the snow

    Love lying, enticing (bare grace misery)
    Crowning the moment (bare grace misery)
    This is what I am, Bare grace for the end of days

    In your creation heaven did decree
    That in your arms sweet death should dwell

    Deep Silent Complete, Black velvet sea
    The sirens are calling for me

    Crownless again shall be the queen
    Trophy on her grave remains unseen
    A boat on the river confessing the sins
    The Riddler revealing the deep hidden things

    No will to wake for this morn
    To see another black rose born
    Deathbed is slowly covered with snow
    Angels, they fell first but I'm still here
    Alone as they are drawing near
    In heaven my masterpiece will finally be sung

    It is the end of all hope, To lose the child, the faith
    To end all the innocence, To be someone like me

    You were my first love, the earth moving under me
    Bedroom scent, beauty ardent, distant shiver, heaven sent
    I'm the snow on your lips, the freezing taste, the silvery sip
    I'm the breath on your hair, the endless nightmare, devil's lair

    All the same, take me away, we're dead to the world..

    Denying the lying, A million children fighting
    For lives in strife, For hope beyond the horizon

    A dead world, A dark path, Not even crossroads to choose from
    All the bloodred carpets before me, Behold this fair creation of God!

    My only wish to leave behind, All the days of the Earth
    This everyday hell of my kingdom come

    The music is dead, the amen is said
    The kiss of faith is what I beg
    A loving heart 'n soul for sale

    Tell me why, No heart to cry, Hang me high

    Leave me be, and cease to tell me how to feel
    To grieve, to shield myself from evil
    Leave me be, OD of lies is killing me
    Romanticide, Till love do me part

    Once I knew all the tales
    It's time to turn back time, Follow the pale moonlight
    Once I wished for this night
    Faith brought me here, It's time to cut the rope and fly

    Fly to a dream, Far across the sea
    All the burdens gone, Open the chest once more
    Dark chest of wonders, Seen through the eyes
    Of the one with pure heart, Once so long ago..

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