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  • Member: AngelOfTheDark
  • Title: Poor Unfortunate Sen
  • Premiered: 2007-05-06
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    • Disney- The Little Mermaid Poor Unfortunate Souls
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  • Comments: Yubaba plays the part of the Sea Witch who seduces Chihiro into signing her name and her voice away in exchange for a shot at her true love, Haku.

    This isn't the first music video I've created (actually, it's my fifth), just the first one that has fulfilled all the requirements for being uploaded onto this particular site. This is by far the most extensive video I've done to date, however. It took me three hours to edit the audio alone, because I spliced the music from the OST with the song straight from the movie, switching from one to the other to get either particular bits of dialogue and sound effects, or to get rid of sound effects that would be distracting. Lip syncing Yubaba was particularly difficult. I had to use every trick in the book and come up with some of my own to get it to work as well as it did. Masking is impossible with a character like Yubaba, so I had to be creative.

    Most of the digital effects went into the "crystal ball" scenes, which included at least three video filters and masking. The ball came from a picture I found online and altered a bit. It also took me at least two hours to get the two pieces of video to play side-by-side properly.

    All editing and effects were done in Ulead Video Studio 10+ and MPaint.

    The video participated (I think) in the AMV Contest at JACON 2007. I say "I think" because it wasn't chosen to be played and I honestly have no idea if it got through the ftp server. It's hard to tell because it looked to be in the same league as the winners.

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