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  • Member: Szwagier
  • Studio: Szwagier Productions
  • Title: Last flashes of life
  • Premiered: 2007-03-06
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    • Anathema J'ai fait une promesse
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    This video, and some comments below may spoil you the whole story of pair of characters from X - Sorata and Arashi. If you haven't watched the X tv series you may consider leaving now, unless you don't care if this vid will spoil it.

    This is another of my experimental videos. This time I tried to make the main part of this AMV into memories flashing before eyes of dying Sorata. That's why the vid is shaped into eye, and at some point blood starts to flow, reducing the visibility. The memories he sees consists of his childhood, and his romance with Arashi - I purposelly omitted whole Kamui part, since it wasn't supposed to be a character profile.

    How did I get idea for this AMV? Wel it had build up for a long time. At first I wanted to do just some ArashixSorata AMV without having specified song or anything other about it. Then some time ago I heard J'ai fait une promesses and decided I must make a vid to this song. Again I didn't had anything specific in mind. Then after I finished Children Drawbook, and started to think about next video, both ideas combined in my mind, and so I decided to work on this. About 1-2 days before I started editing I thought about massive change in the concept - a change from normal romance/drama to AMV made from perspective of a dying person. After that I started editing, and here it is done :] I've heard some critical opinions about this vid already, and even though I can understand the point in those words I still like this vid a lot. Creator being blind since its his own work? Perhaps, and perhaps not... See for yourself :]

    (i don't know french well so I trust

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