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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: (Yue hates) Everything about Yue
  • Premiered: 2007-04-12
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    • Three Days Grace I Hate Everything About You
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  • Comments: [b]Otafest 2007 : Honorable Mention "Chunky PeanutButter Award"[/b]

    MOE is the thing !

    It's a fact. Face it.
    That's why you've watched Sumomo (the good ? ) or Chocotto Sister (the bad ! ) every week.
    Put any true moe girl into any anime, and you will sell tons of DVD (well, ok ... heavy fanservice with a big mecha will help too).

    And if you put lots of moe girls, thirty for example, you've got a best-seller.
    But you can't have 30 moe girls at the same time, because you need non-moe girls for the audience to identify the moe ones (or else moe becomes normal).
    So you turn some of them into the bland or plain or uncute support-type.

    Numberous animes and mangas follow thoses rules.
    And Negima is one of them ... Isn't it ?
    It is ... at least for the four first volumes.

    Those who read the manga after volume 5 know it.
    Behind that story for raving preteen boys, a struggle as we've rarely seen before is in progress.

    Shinob... *cough* Nodoka Miyazaki, the prettiest, the cutest, the moest of all, has a rival to overcome.
    Who ? Who would be moest than the moest of all ?
    Who would be able to catch Negi's heart with a less appealing apparence ?

    Yue Ayase, the unpretty, the uncute, the non-moe of all !
    "WTF ! " are you saying, "How could she win ? And why would she win ! "
    That's right.

    Yue Ayase is far from the moe standards. She has nothing but her love, torn apart by her deep friendship with Nodoka.
    She has nothing to show but her intelligence.
    She doesn't wear any short outfits, and prefers black to pink.
    She barely smiles, and pantyshots of herself are the exception.
    Doesn't it enough to deny her the right to win over the moe-incarnate ?

    NO !
    NO, you don't have to be moe to be loved !
    NO, you don't have to be cute to love !

    Yue is that kind of character, coming the deepest abysses of the Im-the-support-type-and-thats-all, just to shoot "Go screw yourself with your moe-thing ! I'm alive and I'm in love ! I can be loved and I will ! ".
    But I'm being carried away ... ^^

    The purpose of this amv is to illustrate the inner struggle Yue is currently fighting.
    She neither can't restrain her feelings for Negi, nor she can't betray Nodoka.
    She has to choose between love and friendship, knowing she will probably not be able to live on without any of them.

    Yue hates Nodoka, for being so cute, gentle and unmatching.
    Yue hates Negi, for being so kind, adult and childish at the same time.
    Yue hates the whole world, for puting her with such opposite feelings and unbearable situations.
    But more than anything, Yue hates herself, for being so weak, egoistic and filled with bad thoughts.

    I've thought I would use the two Negima anime series, but finally the latest Negima?! shown enough emo material for me. The storyline is mainly inspired by the manga, volume 14-15. I've tried a new way to lipsync, as I used manga dialog instead of moving lips.
    I will let you be judge of the result : a Yue like you have never and ever seen, just one step afar from Kaede Fuyou (Shuffle) . ^^

    Available on youtube :

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