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  • Member: Nitro Sama
  • Studio: Nitro MV
  • Title: Intense Fairy Tale
  • Premiered: 2003-03-02
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  • Song:
    • Texas Faggot Back to Mad
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  • Comments: This WILL be my last Robot Carnival video (because I can't really make music videos out of the other segments) =P

    This will probably be the only "extreme/intense" battle music video I make. From what I see, most people generally use hard rock music for battle music videos of the extreme/intense kind. And for me, I don't like to use hard rock music on my music videos, because hard rock music videos are too common these days, and I would rather approach music videos differently. And because of this dorky fact, its hard to do extreme/intense battle music videos for me. Of course I could use techno music, but all the techno stuff I have can't make me visualize a music video of any kind.

    But in this case, things are different.

    Texas Faggot (I AM NOT A HOMOPHOBE!! I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GAYS!) has this ultra sweet techno/rock cross-over type track called "Back to Mad." And it made me visualize an extreme/intense battle music video done to the Robot Carnival segment, Deprive.

    Deprive is the action segment of Robot Carnival. Evil aliens have come to destroy the city, they capture the hero's main chick, and its up to the hero to stop these aliens. You could call it, a futuristic fairy tale ^^; (Hence the name given to this video)

    This video idea is actually influenced by a really neat flash movie I saw at

    ^ That'd be the link. Watch it or i'll rip you a new ass hole ;P ^

    Yeah thats my shout out Mr.Andrew, hope it was worth it ^^; My e-mail is if you wanna give me your feedback.

    The music will sound crappy at some points of the video (damn you people of KaZaA!) and I made the intro using various "heart pounding" effects.

    And to prevent any traumatizing my family (because I like to show them my work), I refered to Texas Faggot as TXF in the ending credits ;D

    Avaliable on AIM
    AIM:Dmnd sHaTtEr

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