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  • Member: josifer
  • Title: Time Of Your Life
  • Premiered: 2003-01-21
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    • Green Day Time of Your Life
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    Links are down for the moment, sorry...


    This is my first AMV... I was reluctant to use a video game as my source but Final Fantasy X was special... I spent 230 hours trapped in Spira with Titas and Yuna. This game consumed my soul. With a gripping story, excellent character development (for a game) and some of the most beautiful animation I'd ever seen, I felt it was deserving.

    As for the video itself, it was made almost entirely in Vegas Video. It seems Premiere is the tool of popular choice but I really like the Sonic Foundry interface... I use Acid frequently in my music so the transition was easy.

    I really wanted to do some Lip Syncing for my first VID but the footage I had to work with didn't really allow me... I extracted the MP2 files directly off the game disk. This of course was only useful for the cut scenes which contained very little conversation. And frankly I'm not comfortable enough with my artistic skills to try and draw in the mouth movements myself, not with this quality of CGI... Capturing all of the actual game play cut scenes would have given me a lot more mouth movement to work with however the difference in video quality would have been definitely noticeable and I felt consistency was important...

    Thus I focused most on progression, sync and feeling. I think it flows pretty well. I did add an audio clip of Yunaís final speech midway through the song. I felt it blended with the theme of the song well and adds to the over all context of the video...

    And please, if you have any input please feel free to give an opinion. I'm good about returning the favor as well. Comments and suggestions will help me to learn and improve. I'm already planning my next video. I think Iíve got a solid concept. Itíll be fun, a big change from this one.

    Anyway I hope people enjoy this as much as I have. I realize now there are a lot of FFX videos out there but Iím hoping itíll still manage to please a few people despite that.


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