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  • Member: SF_Phoenix
  • Title: Anime Soul Calibur
  • Premiered: 2007-03-04
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    • Soul Calibur 2 Under The Star Of Destiny (US Intro)
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  • Comments: I have been debating whether or not to upload this video, this video was mainly made since I wanted to play around with integrating (i think thats the word) fight scenes with characters from different animes. But then I got lazy and ended up doing them in a cheap way XD

    I will be completely honest about the time taken to make this and that is two days. It was mainly the snow day that caused me to start this since I didn't want to do homework. However, I also did not have the motivation to focus all my energy into this XD

    Ok, on to the description:
    The music is taken from the Soul Calibur 2 home opening for Xbox, including the sword hits and so on. I tried to keep the same style as the home opening, and just using anime characters instead, with some changes that I made.

    Should you choose to download this, I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated ^^

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