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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walkure
  • Title: Childhood Dreams
  • Premiered: 2007-03-03
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    • Within Temptation In Perfect Harmonie
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    I've been doing so much in the way of heavy amv's recently that I just needed a break.
    When I made this I ended up obtaining several hundred new plug-ins for Premiere so... I kinda went to town.
    I hope all the effect are subtle enough for this (very) soft for me, amv. Katie was feeling a bit down when I was making this and since some of what's in here was inspired by her walking with butterflies amv I decided to dedicate this to her.
    Anyhoo I realised after I completed this version that there was a problem in the outro a little red line has snuck in and unfortunately the project file crapped itself so I can't change anything anymore even though there are still a few foo-bahs I needed to fix *crys*
    Anyway I've been itching to do 12 kingdoms for a while and my favourite parts are the 2 side story lines about En and theotherkingdomwhosenameIcan'tremember hence tree hugging ki-rin crap was born... oh wait I've renamed it...and so Childhood Dreams was born. Now why add Lodoss war? well the song's got elves and trees aaaan 12 kingdoms doesn't so I re-wrote my storyline to include it.
    I know Within Temptation is over used.. yes I do know that but this song is so different (and I cut it down from 7 minutes and re-mixed it ) for that band and it's a nice little song. There was this n00b with spunk and he said if you don't like overused bands then don't dowload it or bitch to me about it after reading that and laughing for a while I took his advice. I made this because I wanted/needed too and I hope you and Dax enjoy.
    My main challenge was the difference in video quality between the 2 sources ... but I think I compensated pretty well considering how wildly different they were before. I also learnt quite a few new technical tricks while doing this one thanks to ReXMaster and Infinity Squared.
    All of the sync in this video is lyric sync not beat sync... which would be hard as a song like this doesn't have much in the way of beat.
    Thank you also Bluetrain and Truck for your comments.
    This will also be entered into a number of con's this year so I'll see how it goes.

    Total Timespent: 80 hours
    Programs: Adobe Premiere Pro and CS2

    Some comments:
    Bluetrain: "Its pretty 'pussy'"
    ReXMaster:" No, you're an ass"
    Sweetdeily: "mmnnurff! Don't like that biiit"
    Truck: "Are you sick? no one died!"
    Infinity Squared: "I wrote something down about this but I forgot"

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