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  • Member: davenfonet
  • Studio: fails at living
  • Title: Just Shut Up
  • Premiered: 2007-02-26
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  • Song:
    • Simple Plan Shut Up
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  • Comments: This is my second bleach video.

    It has a history.

    When I initially made it i thought i was done, i went and produced a final render and my computers power supply gave out and took down the video, the pc, and the motherboard. I lost the video for a while
    That was in May of 06

    In Sept of 06 i finally got a new computer but it didn't like running ulead media studio so i scrapped that idea, until i reinstalled in Jan of 2007. I was finally able to reproduce a render but realized that much of my timing was off. So i edited away again. The video was basically done, and i submitted it to iCon 27 Everything went pretty well, it didn't win anything but i didn't really care.

    At that point I posted the video to the org, but my render was like 300 megs and they couldn't be submitted to the org. I figured i'd get a chance to reduce the size of at a latter point. Then the hdd holding the master renders died.

    I had also installed vista on my new computer so I couldn't even install ulead to produce a new render.
    That was Sept 07

    Flash forward to about a week ago (April 08) I had just installed a VM of xp on my computer and decided to give it another go. The footage hasn't aged well with time, and there are some major timing issues that i hate but its fucking done and you can watch it.



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