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  • Member: Axaul Conners
  • Studio: Wywoodjadoth?s Productions / YimYan Creations
  • Title: VF-Zero Hour - Open The War
  • Premiered: 2006-08-05
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  • Songs:
    • Ace Combat 5 (Namco) Hanger 1
    • Ace Combat 5 (Namco) Result
    • m.o.v.e DogFight
  • Anime:
  • Comments: OK this AMV had been floating for a while on and through some encouragement and persuasion I have finally brought it here.

    As for the description, well I'll use an amended version of the description I have on YouTube...

    VF-Zero Hour - Open The War
    With Footage from: Macross Zero

    "Dogfight" perfomed by m.o.v.e

    Intro features the track "Hanger 1" from Ace Combat 5 for PS2 and footage from Macross Digital Mission VF-X for PSone.

    Ending features the track "Result" from Ace Combat 5 for PS2.

    Further comments: Please note that this AMV was originally rendered at a higher resolution and is best viewed at that quality. Although this version is as close to the original MPEG2 master as you can get so you're not too far off in terms of picture quality.

    I like Macross. I Love Macross. That's why when I saw Macross Zero I wanated to make an AMV of it. When I heard DOGFIGHT by m.o.v.e, I knew it would be perfect, if I did it right.

    Regarding the lyrics flying across the screen, I mostly used them more as an effect rather than a straight standard translation text for people who want to know the words. Though I can see that most people find it a bit lame, but none the less I stand by my decision to insert them in this fashion.

    Editing wise, I let the footage speak for itself. I allow the footage to show itself at length instead of inceasant cutting every 3 seconds. It's been my style of editing for a while now. This lets you see the full scope of the show it came from and gives you a somewhat glimpse of what the show is about. I usually try to get to cut to transition somewhat smoothly into the next cut. Speaking of scope, I decided right from the beginning to keep it in it's original anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio scope, simply because it was made that way and I wanted a high quality look as close to the original show the footage came from as possible.

    As for footage, well they were sourced from a DVD. Since I don't have internet access at home to download raw footage, I get it from DVDs. Never will I use a version that has 'hard' fansubs in the footage. I find it annoying and frankly unsightly. It could be edited in the best fashion, but once those subs show up, I lose attention. And my aim is to get as close to DVD quality anyway.

    Well that's my rant for my first upload/link. I hope you guys here can appreciate this AMV from a relative newbie who now needs to concentrate more on his work and life with his wife than making AMVs and watching anime.

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