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  • Member: inthesto
  • Studio: Video Game Music Freaks
  • Title: Ockhamian
  • Premiered: 2007-02-22
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    • Masashi Hamauzu Anxiety Towards A Wonder
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  • Comments: Started this video about a year and a half ago, and now it's done. First time I've ever purchased R2 DVDs for an AMV, and hopefully it'll be the last. At the very least, the DVDs came with awesome stickers.

    The concept of the video is easily summarized in one word, "simplicity." The editing style is intentionally very minimalistic, and the imagery is overall colorful, positive, and cheerful. It's supposed to be a feel-good AMV, and the type of thing you might see inbetween episodes of Little Bear on Nick Jr.

    There's not much to "get" about the video other than maybe the title, which should also be obvious to anyone who didn't fail introductory high school science. If you don't enjoy the video, you're obviously worthless and have no hope in life. Actually, if you enjoy the video, that statement is probably true anyway.

    On a side note, I think it's worth mentioning that if you want somebody to blame, AquaSkya is largely responsible for this video. Back when I used to scour AnimeSuki for anything that looked remotely interesting, I mentioned Dogtato in #AMV, and she claimed that it wasn't really "AMV material." And of course, when somebody tells me something can't be done, I go ahead and do it. This is the result.

    If you can't figure out how to play the MP4, you can find the YouTube version here.

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