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  • Member: Jebadia
  • Studio: Steak Slim Productions
  • Title: Like the Poisen in Her Arm
  • Premiered: 2003-01-19
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    • Apocalyptica Hope Vol.2
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  • Comments: Hot deal, this vid is something that makes me so glad to be in this AMV hobby. I've been turning my direction towards dramatic vids than action, though I do like to include alittle action in my vids, you need teh spice to make it nice. Anywho, a while back I discovered Apocalyptica, and discovered that two of their musical pieces from their latest cd had second versions with vocals. One of them was Path Vol.2, with Sandra Nasic from Guano Apes, the other was Hope Vol.2 with Mathias Sayer from Farmer Boys. Both are good, both I planned on doing a vid too eventually. I recently got ahold of the Ah! My Goddess: The Movie, an excellent film that will go up there with one of the greatest animated films I've ever had. It's chock full of eye candy and a decent plot, so I can't complain, the animation is supurb, and was far more darker than the series.

    I actually got the movie in intrest to begin this video, even before I obtained the footage, i had the major parts of the video already thought up in my head, though the ideas were changed alittle when I started editing, nothing ever turns out the way your expect, sometimes for the better..and sometimes for the worst. Frankly I had more options when I saw the movie, and the outlook of the video was even better than I had origionally 'Hope'd.

    Having little experience in drama, prolly my best start was my Action Surplus vid, which was pretty much action, but halfway through there was a segment in the song which describes a soldier in Vietnam righting a letter to his mother. Though more disturbing than what one would consider dramatic, it had alot of emotion pulled into it. My Ruin Explorers vid had some drama as well, more of an upbeat drama, so I needed something dark...shizam!!!

    The effects in this vid was simple, mostly white flashes, and reversed clips. There was a lenseflare, but I removed it when I found a more suitable selection. Alot of the scenes I chose, I chose because they had very dynamic movements, thats what I ment earlier that the movie was one of the greatest 'animated' films, and I used theme with a passion.

    Now for some background about the song. The song of course is a remake, or alternate version of Hope, including the vocals of Mathias Sayer. This song was featured in the soundtrack of the movie Vidocq, a french film in 2001 that will soon be released in the US later on this year. Vidocq beat Star Wars Episode 2 in the race to be the first film to be filmed completely with a digital camera, which I believe LucasFlim bitched about at one point, pussies. Vidocq lacked in plot from what I've read, unlike it's predisessor "Brotherhood of the Wolf" which was filled with plot, but like BotW, Vidocq had great action sequences, and terrific filming, though some say it makes the viewer dizzy to watch, I think it seems to keep the viewer awake and constantly watching, more than enough to make up for its flaws. Saying all of this I should make a note that I have not yet seen this movie, and the only footage I have sceen is from the movies origional trailer and the music video of Hope Vol.2, which featured some clips (and some boobies too, from the prostitute scene) of the movie. From what I've sceen, the movie looks dazzling and I'm looking forward to a theatrical release.

    This is the first video which I edited directly from the VOB's, no previous divx conversion was done simply because I was fed up with trying to preserve the quality from the suckness of a 3rd generation encode from Divx, oh how the sucks it was. Now that I've edited from DVD, I've found the quality to be more than pleasing to the eye, and will continue with this method, alot because that Premiere didn't crash once, not once during editing, and made editing less stressful, and more enjoyable than having to restart Premiere every 5 to 10 minutes because of it crashing on me.

    I have another AMG: Movie vid planned, as part of the Marillion Project, currently taking submissions, you can see info on it here: please join while there are still plenty of slots open.

    Now for your viewing pleasure, I present to Xvid format, playable through Divx, and for once, I actually recompressed the the filesize isn't my others in the past *cough* Gaia Anthem *cough*...enjoy.


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