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  • Member: Moonlessnight
  • Studio: RW Productions
  • Title: Step Into Action
  • Premiered: 2007-04-05
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  • Song:
    • Thousand Foot Krutch Move
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  • Comments: One year. One entire year. That is what I spent in the creation of this video. Yeah. Funny thing is, I still love the song. Guess it must be worth listening to, over and over, day after day, render after render....

    This is a video of firsts for me. First multi-anime video. First time I spent more than three weeks on an AMV. First time I fried a computer to get the effect I wanted. Yep. My desktop is dead. Guess the constant editing and rendering finally took its toll on the old processor. Thank the light for disc back-ups and a reliable (howbeit, slow) laptops.

    A year of work and one computer in the name of an AMV.... Here's to hoping that the work was worth it.

    Inspiration: The realization that multi-anime videos tend to get better ratings than single-anime vids. Well, that and a desire to edit a massive action vid. I wanted a challenge and I got one.

    Anime choice: I wanted to use the most popular anime from the last few years. InuYasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Ruruni Kenshin, Bleach.... Few animes are better known. Some of the shows I all ready had in my DVD collection, others I had to buy. Well worth it in the long run. Nothing can replace good source footage.

    Song choice: Most action songs are overdone. Others, no one has heard of. Pick either an overused tune or an obscure one and no one will download the video. ..Well... Almost no one. So, I chose a band that most people in my area know and hunted for a song that I hadn't heard before. My search ended by chance when "Move" came blaring from my sister's radio. "Step into the circle," the lyrics said. To me, it screamed, "Step into action and make this AMV!"

    The Concept: Heroes are not born, they are made. Heroes come into being with a single choice, the choice to step out and into action. Thus, "Step Into Action" serves as a rallying cry to all would-be heroes: "Step into the circle" and show the world what you can do.

    Competition: Yep. I've entered the Anizona AMV contest again this year. In fact, this video is set to premier during the competition. I'm there right now, sitting and hoping that my video made the final cut. (Only six videos in the action category will be played on the big screen and no one knows which ones made it in.) I am nervous and excited all at once.... I might win this year and I might not, but I'm here and that is what matters. Wish me luck! ^_^

    Enjoy the video and, for the love of the light, leave an OPINION! Let me know if my efforts were worth while. Good, bad, or indifferent, I want to hear your comments. Thanks.

    UPDATE: Convention results for this video --

    Winner: Best of Action
    Winner: Best in Show

    I have never won anything before, so this was a real trip for me. ^_^ Thank you, everyone. Thank you for watching, thank you for voting, and just plain thank you. ThankyouThankyouThankyou! ^_^

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