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  • Member: Yusf
  • Title: Center Forward
  • Premiered: 2007-02-20
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    • Gackt BLACK STONE
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    As with my previous (first) AMV, I'm using an unpopular anime. Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (also known as Blue Legend Shoot!) is an old soccer shonen I used to see when I was a kid as it was one of the few animes we could watch on our national channels. That's for a great part the reason why I decided to make this video years later.

    "Center Forward" is a soccer AMV privileging action follwing Gackt's rhythmic song Black Stone, but has also a sentimental side since the scenario of ADS (Aoki Densetsu Shoot) itself is very dramatic. "Center Forward" covers almost every side of ADS and gives a pretty clear idea about the anime in a phases style without spoiling it.
    Black Stone, the song used, has a very good rhythm and subtile tone variation that fit the shonen style making the images scroll in a very lively way. This japanese song undoubtly seems to be made for this anime.
    Concerning the visual effetcs, I tried to have very homogeneous ones, that's why I used some special sequences from the anime itself to recreate effects that match.
    If I had to briefly comment this video, I'd say that it is simple, direct, dynamic, original, with nice cohesive visual effects and a very good flow.

    Regarding the techniqual side, I can say that I've made great progresses since my last AMV: the XviD version has a very respectable image quality while the MPEG-2 version guarantees a high quality for those seeking the full quality video.
    The sound is clean and compressed while keeping the highest possible quality.

    Last word: I don't think this video will change your "AMVical" vision, but I doubt it'll let you indifferent either.


    -Most Professional Award at Naka-Con. (2007)
    -Finalist (27th/35) at Japan Expo France. (2007)
    -3rd Place Award in Action category at DragonCon. (2007)
    -Runner Up in Fun category at Manifest. (2007)
    -Best Action at Anime Fest. (2007)
    -Runner Up in Action category at Anime Milwaukee. (2008)


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